Friday, January 8, 2016

Ross Rosenberg and Lisa A. Romano Join Forces--Heal Codependency Webinar

Ross Rosenberg & Lisa A. Romano Webinar

Together for the First Time!

Banishing Fear: Finding the Courage to Heal Codependency
February 13, 12 – 3pm EST 

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Banishing fear and finding courage to heal or recover from codependency, or what Ross now refers to as Self-Love Deficit Disorder is the perfect seminar from those who want to heal and grow into more complete self-loving, self-caring and self-respecting individuals.  Ross Rosenberg and Lisa Romano, two internationally renowned experts in the respective fields, will jointly participate in a life-changing seminar that focuses on the codependency/Self-Love Deficit Disorder and trauma recovery.  During this three-hour webinar Ross and Lisa will give individual presentations while interacting with each other during them.  Questions from the webinar audience will be answered.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

This Is Your Season--You Were Born of a Virgin--You Were Just Lied To Dear One

Even the most so called 'normal' families have their fair share of difficulties during the holidays.  And for those of us who come from--well--'not so normal' families, the holiday season can be particularly stressful.

The Holiday Myth

Yesterday while running errands at a local grocery store, I found it hard not to feel irritated by the blaring Christmas songs being piped through the overhead speakers.  I could barely hear myself think, above the loud sleigh bells.  Nearly every person that brushed past me was humming the tune that was playing through the loud speaker.  I found myself thinking, "Oh my God.  I am surrounded by zombies."

Now, before you go calling me Ms. Scrooge, hear me out.  Do you really think retailers care about my Christmas spirit, other than its control over my holiday spending? Come on now...

From the unending Christmas music being blasted through retailers speakers systems, to the waving Santa's on every street corner, the underbelly of this holiday season is about profit.  Maybe this isn't such a big issue for one of those folks from a 'normal' family, who is actually looking forward to seeing their family for the holidays, but for those of us from crazy homes, all this profit driven cheer can really mess with our vibrations.  

The myth this season as well as during any other retail driven holiday, is that we are supposed to want to be with our families during these times, and we are supposed to be happy about it.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, maybe we should be happy, but we certainly don't have to be with our family, and if we do choose to spend the holiday with family, there is no law that says we have to be happy about it either.

The True Reason For The Season

Hey, you're reading my article so I am presuming you innately understand you are reading my humble opinions, and that you are okay with that.  My opinion about the true meaning of this season is just that, an opinion.

The true reason, (in my opinion) for this season is to remind ourselves about THE TRUTH--OUR TRUTH.

The story of Christ's birth is about the miracle of life and about being born of a Virgin (Virgo star system), and since we have all obviously been born, the story applies to each of us as well, although most of us have been indoctrinated to believe that we are unlike Christ, since we (the rest of us) have been born with original sin, and Christ was not.  Umm...okay...whatever...

The story of Christ minus the rhetoric and propaganda attached to it is quite profound.  When I step away from what my Catholic mother and Catholic teachers taught me about the story of Christ, and I integrate what I believe to be true about all men, (we are all one and come from the same place), I can appreciate that the birth of Christ represents my birth, and yours as well.

Umm...What About The Virgin Thing?

Image result for the north starHold onto your hats dear one!

The Latin word for Virgo is VIRGIN.  The constellation of stars in our skies called Virgo is associated with purity, maidens, and fertility. This constellation of stars represents harvest, harvesting and alike.

Get this...

  • The Egyptians call this constellation Isis
  • The Indians call this constellation Kanya--mother of Krishna their beloved god
  • The Hindus call this constellation Kauni
  • Persians call this constellation Khosha--the ear of wheat
  • Western mythology refers to this constellation as Astrea-the daughter of Zeus who is known as the goddess of purity and innocence
And in my opinion...

Christians call this constellation Mary--mother of Christ, although they have been programmed to believe that Mary was a real virgin, who somehow became pregnant by the Holy Spirit which created the conception of Christ--the Immaculate Conception.

(Oh boy, I can hear the radical Christians coming for me now.)

The name Mary in Latin means STAR OF THE SEA.  Stella Maris is the 'sea star' and is associated with Ursae Minoris, the guiding star that leads to the North Star.  

The Symbols Are Right Under Our Noses

Image result for symbol for virgoImage result for symbol for maryAlthough Christians have been taught that following mystics was a sin, the Virgin Mary, Joseph and the wise men were all following the night sky on the night Christ was born.

Can I get an AMEN?

If you look at the symbols for Mary and for Virgo side by side its easy to see that they are one in the same.

Image result for virgo maiden

Why Am I Pissed?

I am pissed off because there are millions, perhaps billions of people out there who since their magical birth have been taught that they are not good enough, and certainly not as good as Christ--and yet--when you take the time to peek beyond the veil of indoctrinated fear--you can begin to connect the dots, and when you do, it is hard to believe that many of our religions have NOT been created deliberately to keep men, women and children enslaved within their own beings for the purpose of mass control.

Why Am I Happy?

I am happy because we are living in a time where we can connect through the world wide web and begin to take part in a vibrational revolution!  
Deeper--dear ones--we have been born of the stars--the heavens--and energy.  Our true mother is the universe. Our Western ideas have been corrupted by what I believe are dictators and manipulators hell bent on controlling populations of people for profit!

This Christmas, know that your galactic family celebrates you!  You are as bright as any star in the sky dear one--and you owe no one an apology, or an explanation for your existence.

Virgo is your mother, and you, like Christ have been born of a Virgin, the virgin sky!

Image result for star people

This year, regardless of where you end up or how many nonsensical gifts you receive or give, in your heart know that you are enough, and that most people around you have no clue about their true nature, where they come from, or how miraculous a being they truly are.  This cluelessness of course can make some people unhappy and even dangerous.

When you know the truth--it is so much easier to accept the reality that we are enough--even if the human family system we were born into has no clue about our true Star Family.

For my Christian friends, just know that God created energy, therefore created the stars, and therefore created a birthing place amongst the stars for my birth, your birth, and the birth of all mankind.  We truly are one--born of a Virgin--a Virgin in the Sky--therefore we are all it or not.

I like it just fine...because I know the truth...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Having Faith Amidst Terror In The World

Dear Ones,

I was not planning on posting or making a video this week, but I have felt compelled to change my mind and to address the global situation that has so many of us, and especially we empaths on edge.

I do not wish to speak directly of the tragedy, because I wish to shed love and light on this situation like one would spread a blanket over a chair.  It is not about the chair, or the blanket.  It is about containing the response to the chair, and about learning how to manage our emotions during times of great stress.

Make no mistake.  There is a mass consciousness all have the ability to tap into.  If this mass consciousness was one of love and of light, that would be a wonderful thing.  But because we are in a third dimensional reality, most beings alive today are very easily swept up in events they cannot control.

It is important that those of us who see ourselves as keepers of the light, hold true to energetic frequencies that buck fear, pain, and terror.  It is of great importance to our planet, as well as to us as individuals to pay strict attention to 'how we feel."

We help humanity when we stay true to our divine nature.  We are all beings of light, but that does not mean that all beings are light. Some beings are not aware of their divine nature--and have been manipulated by dark beings who hold tremendous power.  Beings who suffer with feelings of powerlessness are much easier swayed than a being who knows his/her true organic nature.  In this 3D world, it is a fact that some are dark beings, and work like sorcerers to bring tragedy to innocent people, who seek to disrupt society, who clammer for attention, and wish to grip the world of fear.

It is of the utmost important that we--the truth seekers--the codependents and empaths who are incredibly susceptible to the energies of others, and particularly to pain, understand how crucial it is to keep our hearts pure, especially now.  Be mindful of what data you allow to be downloaded into your subconscious and conscious minds.  Be selective in what words you use to describe how you feel.

If you remain true to the light, you will transcend the terror and escape the hidden agenda that has been unleashed on our planet.  The hidden agenda is to strike fear in the heart of men, women and children.  If you remain true to your divine, inner light, and you meditate, contemplate, engage in yoga, martial arts, Tai Chi and alike, you will ride out this storm soon enough, and walk away with a deeper understanding of humanity, and your true power.

You, me, us, all people are manipulated through the emotional body.

During this crisis, I ask that you remove yourself from data, images, and conversations that strike fear in your being.  Honor your inner light dear one...

Nurture your emotional body at this time, more than any other--so to avoid getting swept up in the world's addiction to pain, suffering and revenge.

Stay true to the light dear ones!!!


Your sister of the light...


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Narcissism--Global Tyranny In Disguise

There are so many secrets for man to discover on his sacred journey through life.  Perhaps the most illusive however, is the secret that is living right behind his eyes.

Man has been kept in the dark for generations, and perhaps even since the beginning of time.  Although there are those who are awakened, and have transcended the dark energies within their emotional bodies, many are still blind to the greatness within.  Man has coded within his DNA all the potential needed to create abundance, health, love, joy and well being, and yet only 1% of the world's population seems to know how to invoke this potential to its max.

Most beings are ladened with guilt, shame, sorrow, lack, and poor health.  Many beings believe they need and deserve their states and governments to provide for them, which also means they do not believe they can or should provide for themselves.  A mind that believes in entitlement may be unaware that in believing in entitlement he gives up his power to live the life he truly deserves.  Once a being positions himself as a victim, the being is then controlled by those he believes owe him.

Beings who are poor of mind, are rooted in lack.  The lack may be tied to unworthiness of some kind, which will always lead back to fear.  But when man confronts his personal fear, he discovers the fear was nothing more than an illusion, smoke and mirrors created to keep him under a spell, and in a long sleep like state.

Every human being is coded with godlike DNA.  It is the mind however, that has been tainted to believe otherwise.  Why would governments, churches, and educational systems look to hinder a man with fear? Because without fear mans emotions cannot be controlled.

A fearless man, who is also a compassionate being is a man who has the ability to rebuke the illusion of powerlessness.  He is a man who moves about his life effortlessly, with his attention pulled back into his own body, and whose attention is focused purely on the good within, and thus is no longer impacted on the illusions created by the powers at large.

Narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy are magnets for empathetic, other focused, codependents.   The fear these dark energy bodies unleash in the homes and hearts of individuals has the potential to cripple a society one family at a time.  Sadly, this crippling dysfunction then carries on throughout future generations.

On a micro level, you and I may be married, engaged or involved with a narcissist, and we may not fully understand the rippling effects these fear based relationships have on a mass level.  But the reality is, NOTHING in this universe does not get registered or returned back to the being from which it came.

On a mass level, we must begin to awaken to the big picture.  When we are sucked into painful dynamics by narcissistic others, our vibrations ripple out into the universe.  Every cell of our being registers that pain, and has the potential to impact how well or how poorly our cells communicate with one another.  In addition, our vibrational frequencies also impact our female and male reproductive organs.  Yes, our eggs and sperms carry frequencies.

On a grand scale our frequencies ripple out into the divine matrix, register, and become like vibrational imprints we become tethered too.  On a mass level, each of us adds to the emotional blueprints or templates of its society both locally and globally.  What you feel matters, dear one!

When we face the dark energies in our homes, we transcend the dark energies of our past, present and even our future.  When we learn to look within, honor the divine self, face the illusions of not-enough-ness, we unleash the godlike potential in us all! Our freedom not only impacts our life for the better, but it adds to the totality of universal energy as well.  Every emotion matters dear one!

May be you motivated to face the fear that you are not enough, for it is an ILLUSION!
May you learn to embrace the only true reality there ever was; you are god incarnate!

You dear one are an extension of creator.  The godlike potential has been seeded into your DNA, and sadly the illusion of fear has kept your mind in the dark.  The fear that you are not enough has caused you to live in the dark, blind to your true divinity, purpose and potential.  The time has come however, for whatever reason--for you to awaken--to hear the trumpet call--and to honor the vibrations of victory.

Pay close attention to how you FEEL dear one--for your feelings connect you to the divine matrix, and will let you know when you are sharing your energy, space, and time with a dark being or a being of light!

When you heal your heart, you help heal the world dear one.

Accept the dark energies and do not waste your energy or vibrations on beings whose agenda it is to keep you stuck and blind to your worthiness.

Surrender to your own divinity.

Seek your own joy.

Create abundance, by knowing your true nature.

Be patient and watch how your reality begins to shift along with your new understanding, and appreciation of Self!

In love and in light precious ones!!!


Monday, November 9, 2015

How To Heal From Codependency and Stop Attracting Narcissists

So often I am asked, "So Miss Lisa, how do I heal from codependency and stop attracting narcissistic people into my life?"

Its such a tough question to answer, primarily because most people really do not have a true grip on how deep an issue codependency really is.  I coach clients who have been in and out of traditional therapies for decades, who have said that not once did a psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist ever mention words like, enmeshment, codependency, or narcissism while they were being treated for anxiety, depression, bipoloar disorder, or BPD like symptoms.


I totally get it, because I saw at least three other therapists before I heard the term 'codependent', and I believe the only reason he shared that insight with me was because he was a recovering codependent himself.  And there you have it! Only a therapist who has successfully achieved emotional liberation from the enmeshing diseased thought process codependency is can spot it in others--and help you heal from it--if you are suffering with it.  Of course--this is only my personal opinion.

Where Do I Start

If you have discovered the answer to your problems is in fact codependency, you have already taken a huge step forward.  You have gone outside the traditional box (modern therapy) and you have begun taking the power back.  Yes, researching on your own, seeking information that resonates with you on a deep level, the kind of information that gives you goose bumps--and alike--is what you should be seeking.  When information is appropriate for you dear one--you will know by the way you FEEL.

Imagine that dear one??? We are supposed to be paying attention to the way we feel!!! What a
freakin' concept that

Should I Seek a Therapist

I do suggest you seek guidance while on this journey--for support--because it can be useful to have someone you know you can rely on when you begin connecting the dots from your past to your present.  Waking up and peeling the denial off of your eyes can be tough.  Like when you finally accept you were a victim of your older brother who molested you when you were in the tub at three years old. OUCH! Yes, that denial band aid hurts like hell when it gets ripped off. But until you are able to ALLOW THAT THREE YEAR OLD HER EXPERIENCE--you cannot heal.  Glossing over it for the sake of f****ed  up family Christmas meals is not worth the pain it keeps us in dear ones!

Slowing The Mind

The single most important thing you can do for yourself is to slow down the mental field.  Codependency is a form of brainwashing.  You've been brainwashed to doubt your right to experience your experiences--and thus the emotions tied to your experiences.  This suppressing of the emotions tied to the experiences is creating your compulsion to stay attached to others--because you fear them seeing the shame others caused you...SCREW THAT DEAR ONES!!! Its not your fault your family was dysfunctional... THIS IS NOT YOUR SHAME.

Meditation helps you slow down the mental field so you can connect to your angel self--which resides in every cell of your being, and you can absolutely communicate with via your heart chakra.  Your sacred self--is found within the center of your being--in your heart space.

Educate Your Self

Fear is what fuels codependency, and learning about codependency helps minimize the fear.  Once you understand how the brainwashing took place, why it took place, and how it is you are attracting others who also brainwash you, fear begins to fade away...YAY!!! Once fear begins to wane, so do the cortisol levels in your body.  Learning to override the fear response is beneficial because it helps create the GAP or the emotional and mental space you need to begin responding differently to the people who are now in your life.

Read all you can about codependency, enmeshment, childhood brainwashing, and childhood emotional neglect.

Get Quiet and talk less..and listen to self more...

You are an angel--in spite of what anyone has ever told you, and even if you are sitting in a jail cell right now.  Wherever you are, you are because of what you have been programmed and brainwashed to believe about your self, others, and the world.

Namaste Dear Ones...

We are the Renegades who refuse to stay quite anymore...Be proud of your courage to face what they have done!

There is much work to be done Dearest.  These suggestions are only the beginning of this sacred journey.

Love to you all,